Support my NVC projects 

I am deeply motivated to support NVC into the world. For inspiration I started the NVCpodcast where I interview people who live and train NVC. Check: NVCpodcast on Spotify, apple podcast, google podcast or my website

Also I created (with help of Jurgen a friend of mine) a free app for your mobile phone. the app can be of your personal support or in your trainings! Check: for Dutch or for English

To update and maintain these projects I could use some financial support, so please donate from the heart.



Suggestion for trainers:

I would appreciate if you donate 1 USD or 1 Euro of every participant who attends your training when you offer the in your trainings.


Suggestie voor trainers:

Ik zou het waarderen wanneer je 1 euro doneert per deelnemer aan jouw training wanneer je de in je training aanbied als ondersteuning voor jouw eigen programma.